Charlie Russell Nature Photography

Documents and Files

This is a list of documents and other files related to the work that I’ve done. Please note that these are copyrighted materials, and they should not be reposted on a website or otherwise distributed without express permission.

  • Introduction to the Plants of the Yolo Bypass: This is a PDF copy of a PowerPoint presentation. Contact me if you would like me to present this to your organization/group in person or via Zoom. When I present this I talk about the plants and their habitat, including information about toxicity, how people have used them for food/medicine, and other interesting tidbits.
  • Gall Wasp ID (Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area): A PDF document that provides simple ID information for wasp galls commonly found on Valley Oaks at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Headquarters demonstration pond.
  • How to use iNaturalist (2021): A PDF copy of a PowerPoint presentation on how to use iNaturalist to identify plants and record observations.
  • Grasslands Regional Park preliminary plant list: A plant list derived from Calflora observations of plants recorded in the vicinity of Grasslands Regional Park (south of Davis, CA). This is NOT a comprehensive list of all plants identified on the site.
  • Vernal Pools in California (Grasslands Regional Park): A PDF copy of a PowerPoint presentation on vernal pools, used to discuss the pools at Grasslands Regional Park. Illustrated with photographs from Glide Tule Ranch and Jepson Prairie Preserve.
Jepson Prairie Preserve vernal pool
Jepson Prairie Preserve, vernal pool, south edge of Olcott lake, May 2019